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New domain extensions for sale!

Domains for sale

Suffix Sales sells domain-names that can easily be added to your hosting. This way you can use the domain the way you prefer. Do you refer your new domain to your existing website, or do you create a whole new website for more findability in the search engines? It’s up to you.

Create more websites

Take the benefits of having more than one website. Not only will the searchengines notice it, but also your customers. Especially with several target groups, it could raise the sales figures when a website is fully dedicated to one part of your target group.

Use .mobile or .app

The past years .mobile and .app are also released. Perfect for your mobile website or for the promotion of your app(s). Full-dedicated websites for your audience who’s mostly online by their phone or tablet. Be one of the first to have a .mobile or .app extension for your business.

Reseller of domains

Suffix Sales does not offer any additional services. Services like (cloud) hosting or registration of domainnames are not part of the business of Suffix Sales. Suffix Sales has already sold hundreds of domain names and will stick to that business. Don’t wait any longer to buy the domain you are looking for!

The domains owned by Suffix Sales, will be redirected to the Suffix Sales website.

Suffix Sales warns companies that the costs associated with the purchase of a domain, don’t outweigh the possible consequences if a third party get a domainname in here possession and uses this domain with the wrong intentions.

If Suffix Sales receives an application about a domain that contains a part of a brand or company name, Suffix Sales will do her best to inform this brand or company about the transaction.

It’s a though world we’re living in…

All the domains that Suffix Sales has for sale, we’re initially for sale for everyone. Suffix Sales can’t take the blame if your companies marketing department didn’t do their job well and were asleep during the selling of these new domain extensions. It was mentioned in many advertisements, articles and even on the news, months before the first sale of these new domain extensions. Please, don’t blame Suffix Sales for mis-functions within your company.

Any questions left?

Please feel free to contact us if there is any question left about a certain domain!

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Contact Information

Below you can find the contact information of Suffix Sales. The contact form can also be used to contact Suffix Sales. We will answer as soon as possible!


Location & Hours

Suffix Sales is located in the Netherlands and is part of Out of the Box Consultancy B.V. which is registered at the Camber of Commerce under the number 64319520.

Hours: Mon-Fri, 10:00AM – 6:00PM (GMT +1)